Backend: PHP+MySQL JSON based lightweight FHIR(ish) server is an innovative system for generating realistic healthcare data. It provides a comprehensive solution for healthcare organizations to create and manage realistic patient data for research, training, and other purposes. With, healthcare organizations can quickly and easily generate realistic patient data that is tailored to their specific needs. pastedImage
pastedImage Our resources include realistic patient addresses, phone numbers, 
and even age/gender matched photos generated by our advanced AI technology. 
With, healthcare professionals can create realistic patient data  in a 
fraction of the time it would take to manually enter the information. 

Our system is designed to save time and money
while providing the highest quality of realistic patient data.

Our system uses real census data to accurately simulate patient populations,
allowing you to create realistic datasets that accurately reflect the real world.
With, you can generate patient data that is tailored to your specific needs,
including demographics, medical history, and more.
With, you can quickly and easily generate realistic healthcare data
to power your development and training projects.

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